We are a group of parents with young kids & we love the small-town feel Vienna's always had. Our platform is focused on YOU, and we'll work to:

  • reduce speed & volume of cut-through traffic
  • expand green space & parks
  • protect all residential neighborhoods
  • retain our "small town feel" with thoughtful planning

Did you know the Town of Vienna will be hiring a consultant to review all zoning? That's going to include all 4 neighborhoods and yours! 

What's on the table?

  • building height changes
  •  lot coverage changes
  • transitional zone housing
  • lot sizes
  • setbacks
  • secondary dwelling units
  • duplex/triplex allowances

Just like the Maple Avenue rezoning, this "update" is much more than residents realize, and we need pro-resident voices on council to make sure we do not lose what makes Vienna special.

So, we kindly ask that you please vote for each of us on or before May 19th!

  • Pasha Majdi for Mayor
  • David Patariu for Council
  • Chris Wright for Council
  • Andrea Dahl for Council